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We are often asked: “What’s the best exhibition lighting?” and unfortunately we cannot give a simple answer.  What we can do is to advise on the questions the exhibitor has to ask themselves and in the light of the answers given, we can then offer our suggestions. 

 Exhibition lighting is central to the purpose of the exhibitor.  The first question to answer is:

What do I want to achieve with this exhibition?

  •                 To make sales
  •                 To exhibit my product range to existing customers
  •                 To introduce my products to a new market
  •                 To introduce new products to my existing customers
  •                 To introduce our company to potential customers in the same market as existing customers
  •                 To build our reputation for quality
  •                 To display the diversity of our range
  •                 To better engage our current customers
  •                 and many more potential options besides
The answer is rarely straight forward and often has multiple targets, but whatever the answer, it needs to be at the forefront of the mind when designing the exhibition lighting.

The second question is more complicated but centrally important:

How do I want to portray my brand?

The glib answer would be to say “at its best” but what I am asking here is how you want your brand to be seen.  If you are a soft and caring company you do not want exhibition lighting which is brash and stark, you may want a subtle perhaps warm light which shows you care; but if you are a dynamic technologically cutting edge business you may want stark light and shade with narrow beam spotlights and pools of light jumping off the stand.  There are a thousand shades between these two extremes but central to your exhibition lighting design is that it fits your corporate brand image and does not deliver mixed messages.

A more difficult question to answer is:

How much “more” light you will need on your exhibition?

Some exhibition venues are much brighter than others and this may influence how many extra exhibition lights you need.  Of course, many exhibition designs will be used at multiple venues and a simple modular lighting system may  be appropriate to allow variable lighting on each installation.

Who is building the stand / putting on the lighting?

If you have a purpose built stand erected by your stand contractor, the exhibition lighting is their “problem” and they will usually have qualified electricians who can ensure that when you arrive, the exhibition is ready to go.  But often, particularly for smaller businesses, the stand will be designed by a contractor but may be erected, or erected for future shows by staff for whom building a stand is a twice yearly event.  For them you need the exhibition lighting to be “fool-proof” so that it attaches simply and “plugs-in” simply.  For this client a eazy-uze mains or low voltage option is a simple solution.

What am I lighting? 

If you are lighting expensive colour graphics or products where colour is a significant feature, then halogen light is still the best way to go.  Low voltage spotlights or linear mains floodlights will make colours sing and dance.  Don’t be tempted by the rhetoric of LEDs, there is still too much variation.  Don’t be tempted by the cost of mains spotlights, they just won’t cut the mustard.

Aren’t LEDs the future?

Yes they are, and they are sometimes the present and for some installations LEDs are the answer but not for all.  They are more expensive to buy (like for like) and the colour is not always as good as you would expect.  One of the key advantages of LEDs is their longevity, but for many exhibitions this is simply not an issue and definitely not a cost saving.  LED lights are excellent for reducing the heat generated by the exhibition lighting and for reducing the power consumption (which we all know can be a major cost).  LEDs are the future, but for most of our lights, you will be able to swap to LEDs any time in the future without significant new cost.

Do the lights need to be removable, or are they going to be “hard-wired” and fixed to the exhibition?

Most of our exhibition lighting ranges can be supplied in either format (and in a wide range of options for each), just decide and order, but think through the implications before you start.

Armed with the answers to the questions above, take a look at our spotlight lighting ranges or floodlight ranges or give us a call and we will advise you on what the best exhibition lighting is for your exhibition.