Light Quality

Quailty is always a subjective word but here we are defining light quality as "fit for purpose" and leave the decision up to you.


12V Halogen: 
The bulb which gives the best colour rendition is the low voltage (12v) diachroic halogen spotlight.  This burns at the highest temperature giving the light which is nearest natural (sun) light.  Because it is near natural light, the colours in your graphics or displays will look most natural and this "crisp" light make reading and recognition easier. 
This 12v halogen spotlight is our reccomended lighting for exhibitions and static displays when colour is playing a role in the display.
12v lights require a transformer
There are a wide range of 12v bulbs available including coloured bulbs
Ranges:  Microspot, Mimas, Telesto, Hyperion, Janus

Mains GZ10:  If you are looking for the simplest solution, you will probably choose a mains spot light (just plug in and turn on).  The best option here is the GZ10 bulb which gives better colour rendition than the similar looking GZ10 bulb and also throws waste heat behind the bulb and away from the viewer (opposite to the GU10), and this is often a big advantage on a warm exhibition or display.
Range:  Callisto

Mains GU10:  The GU10 bulb has become almost ubiquitous and can be found in many domestic as well as commercial products.  The spotlight is a simple solution and replacement bulbs can be found in any supermarket.  It has it's place in the panoply of lighting, we use it on our Ganymede range, allowing us to shield the bulb in a minimal configuration.
Range:  Ganymede

R80:  The R80 lamp is a conventional Edison screw incandescent bulb giving a wide angle spot with even light output.  Though the most conventional of the bulbs we use, it still has a number of unique market places (e.g. the illumination of dart boards)
Range:  Retro


Linear Halogen:  The linear halogen bulb gives the most excellent colour rendition (see halogen diachroic above) but as a flood of light.  This is ideal for all displays and exhibitions which require a flood of quality light to illuminate coloured products or coloured graphics.
Range:  Europa

Metal Halide:  The metal halide bulb is very efficient providing the most light output per watt of energy.  The bulb is the ideal solution when a flood of light is required over a relatively wide area.
Range:  Amalthea

LED Spotlights:  The LED bulbs are improving all the time and we have been particularly impressed with the latest versions of high powered, 4W, LED bulbs.  Available in both GU10 and MR16 fittings (Mains and Low-voltage spotlight bulbs) these come in a warm-white option (burning at 3000K) and a day light option (burning at 6500K).  The day light option is particularly effective in displaying jewellery.
Ranges: MR16:  Microspot, Mimas, Telesto, Hyperion, Janus
                 GU10:  Callisto, Ganymede