Low Voltage Lighting System

Available Options:

Low Voltage Connector Cable (JPSL3b)
Transformer with jack sockets (JP4b)
Microspot & Jack Plug
Jack Socket Panel Mount

Jack Plug & Socket - Low Voltage Lighting System

The Jack Plug & Socket low voltage lighting system is designed to easily link multiple 12v Halogen Lighting spotlights to a multi-output transformer without the need to wire anything up.  Each system starts from the mains plug with a 3M cable to a transformer with1, 2, 4, or 5 jack socket outputs.  Each 12v halogen lighting unit has a 3m lead terminating in a jack plug.  This can simply plug into the transformer output socket, or if any extension leads are required, these are available in 1, 2 and 3M lengths (jack plug at one end and jack socket at the other. 

We can supply all our 12v halogen lighting ranges with jack plugs.

Output per socket is a maximum 50 watts.

Simplicity is the word for this system.  No electricians, no screwdrivers, no experts required.  Plug it in and turn it on.

JPSL1 Jack Plug & Socket 1 metre - 1Metre cable from jack plug to jack socket

JPSL2 Jack Plug & Socket 2 metre - 2 Metre cable from jack plug to jack socket

JPSL3 Jack Plug & Socket 3 metre - 3Metre cable from jack plug to jack socket

Transformer - These are available as 1,2,4 and 5 output transformers.
JP5 -          5-output toroidal transformer
JP4 -          4-output toroidal transformer
TCE542    4-output electronic transformer
TCE512    2-output electronic transformer
TCE502 -  1-output transformer

Transformer shown is the JP4b

The light - Any of our low voltage spotlights.  These are provided with a 3m lead terminating in a jack plug.  The light shown is the Microspot.

JSPM - Panel Mounted Jack Socket.  This is for mounting on walls or ceilings so that the low voltage light is attached directly into the socket (no leads - see image below).  The light is held securely in place with a locking clip but can be instantly removed for security or for ease of use or transport.  Each socket is supplied with a 200mm lead (behind the wall or ceiling) terminating in a jack plug.  This can then be connected to our transformer range using an extension cable of the required length.

Jack Plug Light - The jack plug is part of the light so that the light simply slots into the JSPM panel mounted jack socket.  The light shown is the Mimas.


Colours:                   Black or White Cable - If not specified black cable will be supplied


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