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Microspot Eazy-Uze
Mimas Eazy-Uze
Telesto Eazy-Uze
Hyperion Eazy-Uze
Janus Eazy-Uze

Eazy-Uze - Low Voltage Lighting System                                     BUY NOW

Eazy-Uze exhibition stand lighting is the simplest and yet most versatile way to buy and use 12v spotlights.  The Eazy-Uze system packs all you need into a re-usable carry case containing 4 lights lights, ideal for most small shell stand schemes (we recommend one light per meter of wall).  This is 12v spotlights at their simplest.  Each Eazy-Uze exhibition stand lighting system contains:

1 x 200VA JP4 transformer with a 3M mains and 4 jack sockets

4 x Low voltage lights (you choose range and attachment) with a 3M cable terminating in a jack socket

4 x 50W diachroic halogen MR16 spotlight bulbs

1 x Correx re-usable carry case

Simply plug in and turn on - it's child's play

The Microspot Eazy-Uze:  Ideal for the rough environment of the exhibition hall.  This is our best selling exhibition stand lighting kit and has been exported all over the world.

The Mimas Eazy-Uze:  Ideal when a stylish design needs to give your exhibition an air of sophistication.  This is a quality display lighting system for the discerning customer

The Telesto Eazy-Uze:  The bulb is part shielded within the lightweight housing

The Hyperion Eazy-Uze Economical and minimal when your lighting needs to be understated.

The Janus Eazy-Uze:  Where stylish design meets hard working cast aluminium


Colours:                   Microspot               Chrome                  Matt Black                            White

                                             Mimas                       Chrome

                                             Telesto                     Chrome                  Matt Black

                                             Hyperion                 Chrome                  Matt Black

                                             Janus                                                         Matt Black                                                               Aluminium

                                             We can match your colour scheme by request and at extra cost.

Arm Options:      Normally supplied with 400mm arms but other standard arm lengths are available (100, 200, 300mm)               

                                             We can manufacture the lights with a specific arm length by request and at extra cost

Bulb Options:   MR16 (GU5.3) 12V Diachroic Halogen Bulb.  Our standard bulb is the 50W, 36 degree, 5000 hour bulb

                                             Also stocked:  35W;   50W 60 degree;   Coloured (Magenta, Yellow, Blue, Red & Green);   and Whitestar (Jewellery) bulbs

                                                                       and 100W (different specification cabling)

Transformers:  Eazy-Uze 4-light packs use the JP4 transformer usually supplied in black (white also available)

All photographs above in chrome or aluminium finish