Spotlights - Mains and low voltage stand lighting

Microspot:  The Microspot spotlight is a low-voltage halogen spotlight ideal for stand lighting and exhibition work.  Low voltage lighting gives the best colour rendition of any stand lighting so that your graphics and products WILL look their best.  The lamp is held in place with a spring clip making it ideal for rough environments.  The head swivels through 180 degrees and we can also supply it with a 360 degree swivel if required.

  The Callisto spotlight is a mains, halogen, stand lighting, spotlight designed for use with the GU10 mains, halogen, spotlight bulb.  The Callisto is is an ideal work-horse for stand lighting when simple mains lighting is required

  The Mimas spotlight is a stylish Italian designed low voltage spotlight, ideal for use when the light head is more visible in the exhibition or display, or when style matters.  The Mimas offers sophisticated stand lighting for our more style conscious customers.

The Hyperion spotlight is a tiny low-voltage spotlight for use when a minimal feel is required or when cost is a pre-requisite.  This can be an ideal cabinet spotlight when flush mounted onto a small cabinet plate or economical stand lighting when cost is a key consideration.

The Ganymede spotlight is a mains spotlight using the ubiquitous GU10 spotlight bulb useful when the display requires the bulb to be shielded

Janus:  The Janus spotlight is an Italian designed low voltage range, ideal for graphics and  those times when colour plays a significant role in the display.

Phoebe:  The Phoebe spotlight is a minuscule 50 watt halogen low voltage spotlight using the Ministar bulb.  An ideal light for cabinets, furniture or wherever you want a discrete yet powerful light

Retro:  The Retro spotlight is a retro-styled traditional floodlight using the R80 mains lamp and used extensively where the bulb simply has to be shielded.  The Retro offers a timeless stand lighting solution favoured by craft stalls.  It also is used extensively in the darts world as the ideal dart board light, used in championships throughout the UK

Telesto:  The Telesto is a stylish light-weight low voltage halogen light, ideal for all exhibition and display work, shop fitting etc.