Feet / Attachment Options

Feet / Attachments
Ceiling Bracket
Cell Clamp
Wall Mount Bracket
Economy Clamp
Tube Clamp
Bull Dog Clip
Jack Plug and Socket
Banner Bung
Attachment Options:  The light ranges can all be built with a wide variation of attachment options to suit your particular needs.  The options are all shown on the product pages, but here we show each one in more detail giving measurements etc.  If you don't see what you want, please call as we have other less common options in stock and we can build attachments to your specification or design new ways to meet your requirements.

The attachments are shown for permanent mounting first and removable mounting further on.

Permanent Mounting (4 options)

Cabinet Plate (CP):  The Cabinet Plate is ideal for mounting our lights discretely in cabinets etc.  The plate is 25mm diameter with 3 screw holes (screws are not provided).  The plate is attached to the light arm by a barrel coupler.  The electrical cable simply comes through the centre of the plate.  To mount on a wall or ceiling you will need a hole of 7mm diameter to thread the cable through.

Ceiling Bracket (CB): The Ceiling Bracket is for permanently mounting our lights onto walls or ceilings.  This robust mounting has 4 screw holes (screws not provided) and has a diameter of 73mm.  You will need to drill a hole in the wall or ceiling of 20mm to allow the cable and cord grip to pass through / mount level.

Cell Clamp (CC):  Designed to allow bolt fixing to aluminium truss systems the cell clamp is a simple right-angled mounting and can be screwed or bolted to any semi-permanent or permanent structure allowing the light to extend out from the fixing surface horizontally.  The Cell Clamp is 30mm deep and 40mm high (where the rod screws in).  The mounting bolt-hole is 6mm diameter (bolts can be supplied on request)

Wall Mount Bracket (WM):  The Wall mount has been designed to mount lights on top of a wall allowing the lights to be presented horizontally or with the simple twist of a tri-knob positioning the light at any angle above the horizontal.  The Wall Mount Bracket is held in place with 2 screws (not supplied) (or bolts) and the screw holes are 6mm diameter.  The mounting plate measures 45mm wide by 33mm deep and the overall height of the Wall Mount Bracket is 60mm

Removable Mounting (10 options)

Economy Clamp (EC):  This is a simple clamp which slots over a wall or batting and is secured in place by tightening the round knob at the rear of the fitting.  The light arm will then stand out horizontally from the wall or batting.  The Economy Clamp fits walls form 0mm to 57mm.  The length of the clamp (fully screwed up) is 112mm, width 33mm (knob diameter) and height 53mm

Klamp-On (KO):  The Klamp-On is designed to mount on walls, panels or batting and is held in place by turning the knob at the back and tightening onto the wall.  The light arm can be fixed at any angle from the horizontal to the vertical and adjusted with the simple turning of another smaller tri-knob.
The Klamp-On fits walls from 16mm to 60mm wide.
Dimensions (when fixed horizontally and fully tightened) are:  Length: 87mm, Width: 45mm, Height: 73mm

Tube Clamp (TC):  The Tube Clamp was initially designed to hold lights securely on round tubes without getting any slippage but can equally be used to clamp lights to any structure (walls, protrusions, etc.).  Tightened in place with a simple wing nut, the rubber lined jaws securely lock our spotlight ranges to your mounting point. 
The Tube Clamp fits tubes / walls from 5mm to 50mm wide
Dimensions: Length: 72mm, Width: 30mm, Height: 60mm

Bull Dog Clip (BD):  This simple yet strong bull dog clip is designed to hold your lights to any tube, board, protrusion etc.  Having non-slip rubber jaws and a powerful spring clip these are ideal when you will need to constantly re-position the lights (markets etc.)
The Bull Dog Clip fits from 5mm to 50mm
Dimensions:  Length: 70mm , Width: 64mm , Height: 115mm .

Pop-On (PO): The pop-on fitting is designed to illuminate the graphics on a pop-up stand.  By simply slotting into the cross-members at the top of the pop-up stand, the light is held in place by gravity, no need to tighten anything up.  The light then extends out in front of the graphics and can be angled to best illuminate the stand.  Almost all pop-up stands require the right handed pop-on (PO) (as shown in the image at the top of the page), but if your system crosses the opposite way round, we can supply a left-handed pop-on (POL)

Clip-On (CO): The Clip On system is designed to mount lights onto the grooved channel aluminium systems (such as the Octanorm or Foga systems) or into some slat wall systems.  The light is held in place by gravity making this the easiest light of all to install or remove.  We have three clip options but the usual fitting is the COMK (Z shaped clip) which fits most systems.  For a discussion of what you require, please call us and if necessary we can send out a sample.  The clips are approximately Width:40mm, Height 30mm

Jack Plug (JP):  The Jack Plug system is only available for our low voltage light ranges.  The light arm simply terminates in a jack plug which slots into a panel mounted jack socket (JSPM) in your wall or ceiling (or lectern or wherever).  This is a very simple removable system, just press in the red lock clip on the panel mounted jack socket and the light comes out.  The jack socket panel mount is held in place in your wall by two screws (3.5mm holes).  The fixing plate is 26mm x 31mm and the system requires a hole cut-out of 24.5mm to accommodate the housing.

Banner Bung (BB):  The bungs come in 4 sizes: 8,10,12 and 14mm and the bung is designed to slip into a tube or pre-drilled hole and pull out when it's time to dismantle.  A tight fit is advantageous to stop the lights from rotating in the hole.  This system is ideal for lightweight banners when they use a hollow tube to support the top of the banner.  The weight is transferred down into the main frame of the banner.  We do however, only recommend a 200mm arm with any of the lightweight banner-stands.

Slot-Over (SO):  This is a fixed system to slot over boards allowing very fast set-up and dismantling.  The light is angled slightly above the horizontal.  This can also be used on the top of built stands or walls using an appropriate width batten.  The width of the wall or panel this is designed for is: 22mm
Height (overall) 58mm, Width 31mm, Depth: 26mm

Slot-In (SI):  This system was designed originally for a magnetic pole system but is now adapted to simply slot into a wall top.  The two pins are 6mm wide x 1.5mm thick and are 18mm apart.  The light is angled 10 degrees above horizontal. 
The overall dimensions are: Height: 57mm, Width: 29mm.