Lighting Systems - Mains and low voltage

Eazy-Uze:  The Eazy-Uze lighting system can be used with all our low voltage spotlight ranges.  This is the simplest solution for lighting for exhibitions, providing 4 lights (mounted on any of our attaching options), each light has a 3 metre cable terminating in a jack socket which slips into our 4-way solid state transformer with a single 3 metre cable to a mains plug.  We supply 4 x 50W halogen spotlight bulbs and it is all stored in a purpose designed re-usable, robust, Correx carry case.
Simply clip-on your lights, slip in the jack plugs, plug in the mains plug and turn on. 
This lighting system is simple, stylish, reusable, economical, this is the simplest and best lighting for exhibitions.

Daisy Chain:  The Daisy Chain lighting system is designed for all our mains voltage lights (and including low voltage lighting with in-line transformers).  The system allows multiple lights to be connected in line and all fed from a single mains socket.  Each mains plug (starter cable) can feed up to 2200 watts of lighting (over 40 spotlights (50W each)), or a combination of spotlights and floodlights.  This is an excellent lighting system for the exhibitor when power outlets are limited yet multiple lights are required.

Jack Plug and Socket Systems:
  The Jack Plug and Socket  lighting system is a low voltage system linking a mains fed transformer to low voltage lights and is completely flexible.  Each link in the cricuit is connected by push in jack plugs and jack sockets making this a very simple to install, yet versatile lighting system, ideal for the lighting for exhibitions when low voltage lights give the best displays.

Battery Powered Lights:  There are times when you do now have access to a mains supply of electricity.  Our low-voltage spotlights can be linked to a rechargeable battery system giving 12 hours performance from a single charge using the high powered, 4W, LED spotlight giving approximately the same light output as a 35W halogen low voltage bulb.