Technical Information:  Our Technical Information Pages fall into 4 areas:
Feet:  Attachment Options (Feet for our lighting ranges)
Arms:  Arm Length Options
Colours:  Colour and finish options
Light:  Light quality for the different bulb options

Feet:  We offer a wide range of attachment options (or as we call them Feet).  To find the right solution for your needs please click on the image or on Feet

Arms:  Because we manufacture all our lights (except the Amalthea) here in the Sheffield area we are able to assemble any of the light ranges to your specific requirements.  Part of our suite of options are the number of arm lengths and styles we have available.  As well as standard length straight arms (100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm) we also stock a swan neck arm, a bent arm and a bendy (flexible) arm.  We can also manufacture an arm to your specific requirements, whether that is a specific length or a specific shape.  Click here to view our standard arm options: Arms

Colours:  Each range of lights has its own standard (off the shelf) colour options but we can paint lights to a specific bespoke colour / RAL number on request (though at additional cost).  Check out our standard colour ranges here at Colours

Accessories:  There are a number of Accessories available designed to improve your display or to make your life easier.  Click here Accessories,  for more information on carry cases, transformer hanger kits, extension cables or lamp shields

Light Quality: We manufacture spotlights using low voltage halogen diachroic bulbs; mains voltage spotlights using both the GU10 and GZ10 mains halogen bulbs; mains floodlights using the linear halogen bulb and we supply mains floodlights using metal halide bulbs.  Click here to find out the differences in light quality between the different bulbs: Light Quality