LED Spotlights - Mains and low voltage and now also Battery Powered

Microspot LED:  The Microspot LED spotlights are a 12V spotlight fitted with a 4 Watt LED.  This is roughly the equivalent light output to a 20 watt halogen bulb but consumes only one fifth of the power.  With a 30,000 hour life expectancy the overall lifetime cost of using LED's is much cheaper than a halogen alternative.  The Microspot LED display lights are available in a range of fixing options for all exhibition and display requirements.
The lamp is held in place with a spring clip for rough environments.  The head swivels through 180 degrees and we can also supply it with a 360 degree swivel if required.  This light requires a 240V/12V LED driver

Callisto LED:
  The Callisto LED lighting is a mains LED spotlight designed for use with the GU10 LED bulb.  Normally supplied with a 4 watt LED, this replaces conventional 35 watt bulbs.  Like all our LED bulbs, this is available in warm white or white.  This is one of the simplest of our LED spotlights, just plug in and turn on for 30,000 hours of spotlighting.  When the bulb finally goes, just take it out and replace it with another.

Mimas LED:
  The Mimas LED display lights are a stylish Italian designed 12V LED spotlight, ideal for use when the light head is more visible in the exhibition or display, or when style matters.  The light is supplied with a 30,000 hour, 12V, 4 watt  LED bulb (easily changed when it is needed).  Although not as powerful as a 50W halogen bulb, the 4w LED  packs a big punch and works as a display spotlight.  This bulb requires a 12v / 240v LED driver

Hyperion LED:  The Hyperion LED display lights are a tiny low-voltage LED spotlight ideal for use in cabinets or cupboards when a minimal feel is required, when you do not want a hot bulb or where it is hard to change the bulb.   Simple, stylish, 30,000 hours life. and easily replaced, this is an ideal cabinet light.  This bulb requires a 12v / 240v LED driver

Ganymede LED:
The Ganymede LED display light is a mains spotlight which takes the  GU10 LED bulb.  Normally supplied with a 4w bulb (equivalent to a 35W spotlight bulb) and available in white and warm white, this is the ideal solution when the display requires the bulb to be shielded.  The Ganymede LED wires directly into a mains circuit so no LED driver is required, just plug in and turn on.

Janus LED :  The Janus LED  lighting spotlight is an Italian designed low voltage  LED light.  Supplied with a 4 watt LED bulb which is roughly equivalent to a 20W halogen bulb, this is an alternative solution to display lighting when heat, difficulty of changing the bulb or environmental factors play a role in the decision making.  This bulb requires a 12v / 240v LED driver.

Telesto LED:  The Telesto LED is a stylish light-weight low voltage LED spotlight, ideal for all exhibition and display work, shop fitting etc.  We supply this with a 4w x 12v LED bulb designed for a 30,000 hour life but simply replaced at the end of that time.  This bulb requires a 12v / 240v LED driver

Battery Powered:  All the above low voltage lights can now be supplied as a battery-powered option offering 12 hours performance and using a high powered 4W LED bulb giving a light output equivalent to a 35w halogen bulb

LED Strips (Self-Adhesive):  These strips of LED's are now an excellent option when a spread of light is required.  Using 14.4 watts per metre the LED strip gives out 900 lumens per metre, roughly equivalent to a 60 watt halogen bulb.  The light is daylight white meaning there is excellent colour rendition.  They can be supplied in 1M strips or longer if requested.  Each metre will require a LED
Driver capable of driving 14 w.  We offer a number of LED Drivers