Phoebe Head

Available Options:

Fixed Mounted or Removeable

Phoebe Cabinet Plate & Ceiling Bracket
Phoebe Cell Clamp & Wall Mount
Phoebe Klamp-on & Economy Clamp
Phoebe Tube Clamp and Bulldog Clip
Phoebe Pop-On and Clip-On
Phoebe Jack Plug
Phoebe Banner Bung
Phoebe Slot-Over & Slot-In

Phoebe - Low Voltage Exhibition Lighting

The Phoebe micro spot light uses the revolutionary Ministar 50W 12V halogen spotlight bulb.  When you need small spotlights, the Phoebe is the answer.  Measuring only 45mm long x 22mm diameter (including the bulb!) this Phoebe micro spotlight revolutionises exhibition and display lighting allowing discrete mounting yet packing the usual massive 50W halogen punch.  Finished in chrome the head swivels through 180 degrees allowing excellent versatility.  The swivel joint can be attached directly to the light arm where appropriate reducing the profile even further.  In a cabinet this light makes your display sparkle. Like all low voltage lighting the Phoebe light is ideal for graphics,  colours or jewels.

The Phoebe requires a transformer but we have 2 simple options:

  • The Eazi-uze 4-light pack provides everything you need when you arrive at the exhibition, 4 lights, transformer and bulbs in a re-useable carry case, with a simple jack-plug and sockets, no tools or experts are required.
  • Our in-line version hard-wires a small electronic transformer in-line so that this low voltage lighting can be plugged directly into the mains.
To directly mount onto a wall or ceiling we have four options:
Phoebe Cabinet Plate (CP) is 25mm diameter with 3 screw holes.  This is ideal for mounting in cabinets or discretely on furniture or displays.

Phoebe Ceiling Bracket (CB) is 74mm diameter with 4 screw holes.  This is ideal for built exhibition stands or shop fitting.

Phoebe Cell Clamp (CC) is a simple right angled bracket with a hole in the base to bolt the light to a fixed surface (eg wall top or aluminium truss).  This provides a simple yet effective way to semi-permanently mount the light.

Phoebe Wall Mount (WM) is designed to mount the light onto the top of a wall using 2 screws (not provided).  The arm can be mounted horizontally or tilted back above the horizontal using a simple tri-knob, un-tighten and re-tighten when in position)

To mount and dismantle your lighting we can offer the following ten removable options:

Phoebe Economy Clamp (EC)
is a simple clamp mechanism tightened from the rear using the circular knob.  The clamp adjusts from 0mm - 57mm

Phoebe Klamp-On (KO) is a robust versatile clamp allowing the arm and head to be positionned from horizontal to vertical as it comes out from the mount.  The klamp-on adjusts from 16mm to 60mm

Phoebe Tube Clamp (TC) is our most versatile clamp, fitting tubes as well as boards.  With rubber grips and an adjustment from 5mm to 50mm this is ideal for clamping a light in those difficult positions

Phoebe Bulldog Clip (BD) is the simplest clip when speed of getting on and off is required.  The very strong bulldog clip can clip to boards from 5mm to 50mm

Phoebe Pop-on (PO) is designed for pop-up exhibition systems and simple clips under and over the cross members behind the graphics and is held in place by gravity.  So simple and easy to attach and take down it is the ideal complement to any pop-up system

Phoebe Clip-on (CO / COMK / COSD) is a simple cantilevered clip for shell-schemes, aluminium profile exhibition systems and board systems with grooves.  Slotted into the groove or profile the light is simply held in place by gravity.  Very simple to use.  Call us to confirm the clip required

Phoebe Jack-Plug (JP) is the ideal removeable lighting system.  Mount the jack socket into a wall or ceiling with the cable hidden behind the wall and the light simply pushes and locks in place and a simple red button on the jack socket allows easy and swift removal

Phoebe Banner Bung (BB) was designed for simple insertion into exhibition banners which have a hole in the upright pole.  Because of their simplicity they can also be used in some aluminium profile exhibition systems and in any built stand by drilling a hole into the mounting point.  Available in 8, 10, 12, 14mm bottom diameter

Phoebe Slot Over (SO)
is a saddle which slots over a board or profile.  Easy on: easy off

Phoebe Slot In (SI) is designed with 2 flat prongs to slot into the Nomadic exhibition system


Colours:                   Available in chrome.                                              

                                             We can match your colour scheme by request and at extra cost.

Arm Options:      100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm (same price) & Swan Neck & 400mm Bendy Arm at extra cost.               

                                             We can manufacture the lights with a specific arm length by request and at extra cost

Bulb Options:  The Phoebe uses the Ministar Halogen Bulb.  Our standard bulb is the 50W, 2000 hour bulb

                                             Also stocked:  20W.

Transformers:  Eazy-Uze 4-light packs available (complete with 4 Phoebe lights on your choice of mount with 3m cable terminating in a jack plug,

                                             4 bulbs, one 4-way jack socket transformer, and a re-useable correx carry case).

                                             60VA in-line transformer

                                             Other transformers available include 105VA, 250, 110V (USA use) and 5-way jack socket transformers

All photographs above in chrome finish with 400mm arm

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