LED Driver

LED Driver- For LED Low Voltage lighting                                      BUY NOW

The LED Driver is needed for low-voltage LED bulbs because the traditional low voltage transformers do not work with the low wattage of the LED bulb.  These are a simple retro-fit for existing transformers in low voltage lighting when the 12v halogen spotlight is to be replaced with a 12v LED bulb. 

The LED15DR driver can power up to 15w LED bulbs though we recommend one driver per light.  

The LED40DR driver can power up to 40w LED bulbs

The LED50DR driver and power up to 50w LED bulbs

The LED100DR driver can power up to 100w LED bulbs

The driver can be supplied boxed un-wired or pre-wired in-line with a 3metre cable to a 3-pin mains plug and a 1 metre cable to the light

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