JP5 Transformer

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The JP5 is a 240v to 12v transformer which drives 5 x 50w halogen low voltage spotlights using the unique jack-socket system.  Each light cable terminates in a jack plug which simply pushes into one of the 5 output sockets on the transformers.  No wiring and no electrical knowledge is needed, just push in and turn on.  The JP5 is a 5-output 250 VA solid state 12v transformer which is the ideal robust transformer for the rough environment of the exhibition hall: it will take the knocks and still carry on giving years of good service.
The transformer is supplied with a 3m mains cable terminating in a 3-pin mains plug. 
Each output channel (jack socket) is individually fused with a thermal cut-out
The transformer is protected by an easily replaceable2 amp anti-surge fuse in the transformer and a 5 amp fuse in the plug.

The transformer comes in a gun metal grey as shown.
Maximum ambient operating temperature is 40 degrees Celsius

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