ET105 105VA electrical transformer

Available Options:

ET60JS - 60VA transformer with mains plug and Jack Socket

ET105: 105 VA Transformer - 2-light output transformer                 BUY NOW

The ET105 is a 105 VA electrical transformer which drives two x 50 watt halogen low voltage lights.  The ET105 is an electrical transformer; light weight, compact and reliable. The ET105 transformer can be supplied in a number of per-wired formats (see below) or supplied ready for your wiring.  

The 105VA transformer can also be used to drive 3 x 35W low voltage lights.

ET105JS:  The ET105JS is a 2-jack socket output transformer with a 3m cable attaching terminating in a 3-pin mains plug input and the 2 jack sockets are connected to the transformer with 500mm cables.

(Shown is only a single output transformer but the image gives an impression of the ET105JS)


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