ET250 Transformer

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250 VA Transformer - 4-light output electronic transformer


The ET250 transformer drives 4 x 50 watt halogen low voltage lights.  The ET250 is an electronic transformer; light weight, compact and reliable. The ET250 transformer can be supplied in a number of per-wired formats see below or supplied ready for your wiring.  Although technically designed to drive 5 lights, by driving only up to 4 lights you will work well inside tolerances giving you years of carefree use.

ET250JS:  The ET250 can be supplied with 4 jack socket outputs, each with a half metre cable.  The input side is a 3 metre cable terminating in a 3-pin mains plug.  The 4-jack socket output transformer is ideal for running up to 4 of our low voltage lights terminating in jack plugs.  This simple system allows lights to be installed and dismantled in seconds without the need of any tools or qualified electricians.

Shown is the ET60 single output transformer, the ET250JS has 4 jack sockets

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