About Us

Aardvark Display Lighting are specialists in the manufacture of exhibition and display lighting.  Based in the UK we manufacture the widest choice of designs, styles and specifications to meet your needs whatever they are.  Buy on-line with confidence or phone to speak to a technical expert.

Products and Services

Spotlights:  We have 9 spotlight designs (6 low voltage and 3 mains voltage)

Floodlights:  We have 2 floodlight ranges, 200W linear halogen and 70W or 150W metal halide

LED Lighting:  We have 7 ranges of LED spotlights

Lighting Systems:  We offer our own low voltage and our own mains voltage lighting systems (eazi-uze) designed so that anyone can plug in and use the lights without tools or expertise.

Transformers:  We manufacture a range of 240V:12V toroidal transformers and also supply a wide range of electronic transformers including 110V:12V US transformers.

Bulbs:  We supply a range of bulbs for all our lights and a very wide range of top quality halogen spotlights including colours and different beam angles.

Battery Powered Lights:  We manufacture a high powered battery system based on LED lights for those times when mains is not an option.

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