April Newsletter

 Technical Support

 We offer technical support with your lighting requirements or lighting planning at the other end of the phone, simply ring 01709 300050, or conversely you can email and get a reply back within the day, and often within the hour. 

My own experience tells me this is so important when I consider how long we take in a modern business learning one-off skills which take time and which we will never use again.  I have recently had to migrate a website to another operating platform and host.  The provider, Microsoft, did not supply any telephone help, just lots of articles, long manuals and detailed article answers to problems.  I got there in the end, I could do it again (though I will never have to) and I spent 2 days learning this irrelevant skill – not the best use of my time. 

We don’t want you to have to waste your time.  We can answer queries on the phone and we can help in the design and specification of your lighting needs.  We provide clear quotations and, hopefully, clear answers.  We don’t expect you to be a lighting expert or an expert electrician and supply our lighting with simple and clear instructions.  We even design our lights so that the minimum technical knowledge is needed and boast that anyone can have excellent display lighting without any skills at all if they buy one of our easy-uze lighting kits.

If you want technical lighting help, call us on 01709 300050 or email: aardvarklighting@live.co.uk


Battery Powered Lights


After our March newsletter we have had a huge demand for information on our battery powered lighting and generated many sales including to Blue Chip companies.  This is a very specific solution to the times when you cannot access mains electricity.  It is simple but more expensive than a mains powered solution but ideal in situations such as stand alone displays in the middle of a room.  Check out the options at: battery-powered-lights or call to discuss your needs.


Ryder Cup


Anyone for golf?  Verulamiam Museum in St Albans have just opened a Ryder Cup Heritage Exhibition 2012 featuring our mains halogen Callisto spotlights – check them out at:  http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/memorabilia-on-display-during-the-ryder-cup-heritage-exhibition-2012-launch-at-the-verulamiam-museum-on-april-19-2012-st-albans-england#slide=46131721