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LED Bulbs Down in Price

Posted by Aardvark Display Lighting on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, In : Newsletter 

Prices DOWN on Battery Lights and LED Bulbs

Time to upgrade your LED bulbs?

I was doing an irregular tidy up amongst our bulb stocks the other day when I came to the LED shelf.  This looks like a history of the LED spotlight bulb.  Inevitably, as I have kept upgrading the stocks as the technology has advanced, I have been left with odd remnants of obsolete stock.  We still have a few of the first MR16, LED bulbs which hit the market (less than a watt and useful only for accent lighting)...

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LEDs - How Bright Are They?

Posted by Aardvark Display Lighting on Thursday, August 23, 2012, In : Newsletter 

August 2012 Newsletter

The whole field of LED lighting is a minefield for the exhibition and display designer.  The lower energy use and reduction in heat output make LED’s an ideal step forward for our industry; but the inconsistency in light quality and output per watt and the obfuscation from many manufacturers can make planning an installation into a “best guess” exercise, and none of us wants that.


Here at Aardvark Lighting we are supplying more and more LED lighting solution...

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