New Website launched

February 7, 2012
Aardvark Display Lighting are delighted to announce that they have just launched their new website: The site represents months of in-house work designing a site to give better images and more technical information on the complete range of display lights manufactured here in South Yorkshire. The site is organised so that it is easy to identify the range of lights you require and then easily focus down on the exact variation which meets your needs. Packed full of pertinent information on the pro's and con's of the different light options, the site makes the lighting designers job much easier, but can equally be used by the non-expert to source the most appropriate solution for their display, exhibition, shop-fitting or point of purchase display. With 11 ranges of lights, 7 transformers, 4 colours, 8 arms and 16 "feet" attachment, the opportunities are almost limitless, but this new site helps you to easily find the right option for you, shows you clear, well signed images and full technical specifications on each range. Here at Aardvark Display Lighting we are very excited about the boost this will give to our customers, knowing they can see exactly what they are buying and knowing what will be achieved with that light. We have always prided ourselves on the bespoke nature of our offer and on the incredibly fast production of customer specific designs, this site is a reflection of our service offer in a way that defeats obfuscation. Check out today, identify the design you require and give us a call to get a personal quotation

New Web Site

January 19, 2012
Aardvark Display Lighting, specialist UK manufacturer of Exhibition and Display Lighting, have almost got their new website ready for launch and we are very excited about the site.  Designed and executed in-house we really like to look and feel of the site and would really welcome your thoughts and comments

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