Newsletter:  May 2012

 Mains Lighting Systems


Unfortunately we know that exhibition lighting often is added as an afterthought to the layout plans and as such can present numerous problems.  We were recently presented with the drawings for a stand going into a show in the next week and asked to provide a lighting solution.  The design had not considered the possibility of providing any sort of on-stand lighting and all too often it such cases the resulting lighting will end up with a spaghetti of wires, extension leads and “make-do” solutions.

We know that what the client needs on their stand is excellent appropriate lighting which is trouble free, inexpensive, which optimises the impact of the stand design and which can be simply plugged into the electrics supplied by the exhibition hall.

With this in mind we have developed our Daisy-Chain lighting system.  Starting from one mains plug the 4.5m starter cable simply clips into the first extension cable.  Each extension cable has a short spur to a socket for the light and a long lead to connect to the next extension.  In this way multiple lights can be “daisy-chained” back to a single mains plug. 

The maximum wattage per “system” to one mains plug is 2200 watts (which is a lot of 50w spotlights).

The cables are connected together with a locking plug and socket which stops the cables “pulling apart” but which is unplugged by simply depressing the locking hook as you pull apart.  This is the ultimate “fool-proof” cabling system.


The Daisy Chain System can allow mixes of lights, mains spotlights, low-voltage spotlights, halogen flood lights, or metal halide lights all run from a single plug and all out exhibition lights can be supplied for this Daisy Chain System.

With off-the-shelf extension cables of 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m and additional divider cables or link cables, this simple system can sort out your “spaghetti” into one simple lighting system.

 To view full details of the system go to: Daisy Chain