Prices DOWN on Battery Lights and LED Bulbs

Time to upgrade your LED bulbs?

I was doing an irregular tidy up amongst our bulb stocks the other day when I came to the LED shelf.  This looks like a history of the LED spotlight bulb.  Inevitably, as I have kept upgrading the stocks as the technology has advanced, I have been left with odd remnants of obsolete stock.  We still have a few of the first MR16, LED bulbs which hit the market (less than a watt and useful only for accent lighting).  Then we have a positive abacus of variations, 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W etc. in both MR16 and GU10 caps.

Where are we up to now?  As discussed in the August newsletter, the industry is maturing and we are at last beginning to see an honest comparison between bulbs of different wattage and type by giving the lumens output on the specifications.  There is still a lot of misinformation put out (sometimes by very reputable manufacturers;  I recently saw a 320lm output spotlight bulb billed as “equivalent to a 75W halogen” – well I don’t think so given that our 50W MR16 halogen bulbs deliver around 750lm.) but the information is now there for you to check the claims.

The march of technology has been in the direction of increasing lumen output as LED’s increased wattage, but this is too simple a link and our latest acquisition has seen a reduction in wattage giving an increase in lumens output.    

Our new bulb:               3W LED gives         320 lm

Our old bulb:                4W LED gave only   180 lm

So is it time to upgrade you old LED bulbs?

If you have any installations using LED’s from some while back a new MR16 or GU10 replacement bulb could transform your display or exhibition.  If you’re not sure, buy one bulb and try it out.

MR16                3W LED bulbs             320 lm                          £10.00

                        4W LED bulbs             180 lm                          £18.75


GU10                5W LED bulbs             330 lm                          £18.75

                        8W LED bulbs             600 lm                          £29.90

4-light Battery Packs

These battery lights are getting ever more popular and increased volume has allowed us to reduce our prices.  The set includes:

                        1 Battery ( Powering 4 lights for over 12 hours)

                        1 Recharger

                        4 x Microspot lights, Economy Clamp, with 400mm arm in chrome

                        4 x 3W super bright LED bulbs

The new, reduced list price is £ 310.00 

Special Offer Quote “October Newsletter”                   £285.00

(Offer valid until 30/11/12)

So it’s all good news – Better LED bulbs for less money per lumen and prices down on battery lights, oh, and I almost forgot, I can do special offers on all sorts of LED bulb oddments from the last 4 years!