How often have you searched for a specific lighting solution yet cannot find exactly the light you require?  Our production team can assure you that this is a common thread.  Although most of our lights are manufactured to standard specifications, a very significant percentage of our output is non-standard, tailored in some way to meet the customer’s specific requirements. 

Sometimes the specification can just be a simple change such as an extra half metre of cable or plain tails instead of mains plug.  There is no extra charge for minor changes to specification, so if it will make your life more easy, just ask us to do it. 

Modular Assembly

We can offer simple modifications at no extra cost because of our production methods.  We manufacture our products here in South Yorkshire but only complete assembly as we receive an order.  We make up and carry stocks of light heads, arms, feet and cables, all sub-assembled as far as possible so that we can very quickly assemble these into your specification when you place an order.  Small orders can be dispatched on the same day, large orders may take a day or two, but they will be dispatched to your personal specification.

Special Designs

Almost every week we have a call for a more specific and non-standard design.  In most cases we work with our customer to provide a solution using our standard parts thus minimising the costs, but on occasions we have to design and manufacture a new part.  This happened recently where our customer needed to mount a light on a square profile located below the top of a stand.  In this case we needed a new “foot” attachment and a new bent rod, but the outcome was just what was required and the batch cost was within budgetary plans.

Sometimes we can solve a problem without recourse to a re-design.  A recent customer required a light on an 800mm arm.  Her timescales were very short and so she couldn’t wait for a rod to be made and chrome plated, so we solved here problem by connecting two 400mm rods together with a barrel coupler.  She was delighted when she received the lights next day.

Early Discussion

If you have a non-standard design requirement, talk to us about finding a solution.  The sooner you talk to us, the better it is to find exactly the solution you require.  We are more than happy to complete the design stage and agree the requirement in advance, manufacturing and dispatching the light later to meet your deadlines so you are not tying up your cash.  Equally, completing the specification early in the process means that as you are reaching the later stages of a project, when last-minute glitches can cause major headaches, your lighting will not be one of those problems.

It’s free to talk and we almost always have a designer or technician on the end of the phone.  Call us when you are planning your next project on 01709 300050 or email your designs and questions to aardvarklighting