Microspot Eazy-Uze 

Sometimes in our headlong rush into the future we can forget some simple truths.  I was reminded of this recently when we supplied a set of Microspot Klamp-On Eazy-Uze lights and upon delivery our customer emailed back to tell us how delighted they were with the product and that it exceeded all his expectations.

The Microspot head, with 400mm arm, adjustable Klamp-on attachment, finished in chrome (& polished anodised aluminium) is still our best selling product, and yet I often forget its versatility and the simplicity which has kept it at the top of our best-seller list for so long.  Supplied as an Eazy-Uze 4-light kit with 4-way transformer, bulbs and a re-useable carry case (now in a stylish black colour), this really is simplicity itself.  You, or your customer, don’t need any skill or experience to clamp the lights in position, plug the jack-plugs into the jack-sockets in the transformer, put in the bulbs, plug the transformer into the mains and turn on.  This minimal effort is rewarded with four brilliant, fully adjustable spotlights, picking out the colours of the display to maximum effect and providing pools of brilliant light adding greater depth to the display.  When the display needs moving or the show is over, you just re-pack the lights, transformer and bulbs into the robust carry case and store it away until next time.

Website Shopping

You can now buy most of our products on-line in our store.  We are still working on the store but all our main lines can now be bought using your Paypal account or paying by credit card.  Although this is the first “announcement” of the facility, we have already seen some early sales which have come in as we have been developing the store.  We hope that you find it easy to use and even if you are only checking out prices, we believe it is an excellent resource.  As with all aspects of our business we would welcome any comments either supportive or constructively critical so that we can continue to improve the service we can offer to you, our customers.  All comments can be left on our Contact page.


In common with many manufacturers, we are having an upturn in our export markets.  If export or over sea’s exhibitions are part of your business, can we just remind you that our in-house manufacturing allows us to supply our products with European or US plugs or adapters and we can also supply US transformers (110v – 12v) for low voltage lights and our jack-socket transformer with a switchable EU/US specification (so that you can use the one transformer on both sides of the Atlantic) at very little extra cost. 

Call us to discuss your specific requirements or check out details of our US transformers