March 2012

Battery Powered Exhibition Lights

 We are delighted to be able to offer our new range of battery powered exhibition lights for those occasions where mains power is just not available. 

 Sometimes in a field, or the middle of a room we haven’t got access to mains electricity, but good lighting would make all the difference to our displays; that’s when you need our new battery powered lights.  We can supply single spotlights or sets of 4 lights.  Using the high powered 4W LED MR16 bulb each spotlight delivers the equivalent to a traditional 35W halogen bulb and each light will run for 12 hours before the battery needs re-charging. 

 The new high powered LED 12 volt bulbs have made this dream possible by delivering much higher light output (lumens) for much less wattage.  Collateral benefits include much less heat and long bulb life expectancy (30,000 hours compared with 4,000 hours for our traditional halogen low voltage spotlights).

 This battery powered solution can be delivered with any of our low-voltage ranges of lights, allowing you to match style across an installation.  


Death of the Halogen Spotlight

You may have seen in the trade press the announcement that the EU plans to phase out the halogen spotlight bulb.  The latest news on this is that by 2015, a complete phase out will happen BUT the discussions are ongoing and although the environmental lobby is championing the LED as a replacement, there is still no viable, cost-effective alternative for the 50W halogen spotlight and so the arguments are continuing.

So where does that leave the exhibition and display designer?  The answer is, right where we are now.  We already stock LED MR16’s (12v) and LED GU10 (mains) bulbs which simply replace conventional bulbs on the: “take to old one out: put the LED in basis” but only up to 35W equivalent.  There are more powerful LED bulbs but these are still prohibitively expensive, but we all know that given volume and technological advances, these can quickly fall in price to “acceptable” levels.

Our advice here at Aardvark Lighting is to continue to build your exhibitions and displays using the MR16 or GU10 spotlights and these will be able to be simply “updated” when the time is right, giving you and your clients the best solution now whilst “future-proofing” the installation. 



Over the Easter period (2nd-13th April) we will be on a partial shut-down for annual holidays.  We can take orders in advance and deliver them during this time and will have a reception services and a skeleton manufacturing staff but would appreciate your help by forward ordering if possible.  Taking a break now will allow us to offer a full service in the much busier August.