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LEDs for All

Posted by Aardvark Display Lighting on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, In : Newsletter 

LEDs for All

The relentless march of the LED continues and every month we are finding new more powerful and more cost-effective LED bulbs to use in our wide range of exhibition and display lighting. 

Almost all our ranges now come with an LED option, usually a simple case of replacing a “conventional” bulb with a retrofit LED bulb.  Although there is still a qualitative difference between LED options and conventional options, the gap is narrowing all the time.

Our current recommendatio...

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Exhibitions are easy

Posted by Aardvark Display Lighting on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, In : Exhibitions 
It may seem that exhibiting at a show is a nightmare, logistically, costly, time wise and effort wise.  There is masses of preparation, lots of work on the day(s), tons of follow-up work, and then the cost of the space, the stand design and build, the manpower (before, during, and after), and the "on-costs" of hotels, food, hospitality.  So why would anyone do it?

Having spent days locked in an office trying to "optimise" our website, I can see exactly what the enormous advantages of e...
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