Summer Reflection

Many of us have now taken our summer holidays, for some the delights are still to come.  I use holidays to clear my mind of the clutter of everyday working.  As we work on, week after week, we can get bogged down in the business of running an efficient operation, loosing site of our long term vision for ourselves and our company.

Our summer holidays are a great time to re-focus and think again about our vision for the future and to think again about our core aim for our business.  For me, this thinking starts on the last day or two of my holiday, not in a conscious, planned way, but more through my thoughts as they turn once again to work and less to my holiday plans.  This window on the future lasts into the first days back at work before closing as I, like most of you I suspect, get overwhelmed by the need to “do” the job, to get things done on time and to specification and to get stuff “out of the door”.

Use this visioning time wisely, it is a rare and expensive commodity.  Think again about what you want to achieve in the next 5 years.  Think about what you will need to put in place and what you will need to do in the next 12 months if you are to move forwards towards realising your 5 year vision.  Set yourself goals for the next months and record them: write in your diary, post-it’s on the wall, photographs of your Lamborghini or whatever may motivate you when you are again up to your neck in alligators.

For some of our customers we see this process in action as post-holidays we often get calls from customers who have decided to update their stock of tired “rental” lights.  Often lights can be used multiple times on a wide variety of displays and exhibitions and over time they can become bashed, scratched and generally shabby looking. 

We build our lights with these hard knocks in mind.  Increasingly chrome finish has taken over from matt-black, silver or white as it wears so much better over time and can look like brand-new on your displays for years.  We only use components which will stand the test of time, robust swivel joints and jack plugs, steel not brass rods, best quality electronic components all work together to provide you with a product which will last for years.

As you come back from your holidays and set out your vision for the future, if you think we may be able to help by providing new or better lighting kit for your displays, please call or email and we can discuss what options will best suit you as you take your business into the future.